MedTech Asia 2024 Announces Collaboration with SYT Medical as Scientific Partner

MedTech Asia 2024 Announces Collaboration with SYT Medical as Scientific Partner

SYT Medical, known for its work in thyroid health through the “Save Your Thyroid” initiative, has joined MedTech Asia 2024 as a scientific collaborator. This partnership highlights a shared interest in advancing medical technology and education within thyroid healthcare. 

Scheduled to be held from April 19th to 21st in Bangkok, MedTech Asia 2024 is a conference dedicated to exploring current developments and future directions in healthcare technology.

The conference is set to feature presentations and workshops led by healthcare professionals from across the globe, with a focus on non-invasive medical treatments and patient care innovations. Among the notable participants are Dr. Giovanni Mauri of the European Institute of Oncology and Dr. Stefano Spiezia, who is recognized for his contributions to thyroid nodule treatment through thermal ablation.

This collaboration between SYT Medical and MedTech Asia signifies a concerted effort to enhance medical practices by promoting thyroid thermoablation, a technique aimed at reducing the need for traditional surgical interventions in thyroid treatment. The event will facilitate discussions on advancements in medical technology, particularly emphasizing applications in thyroid health.

MedTech Asia 2024 attendees will have access to educational sessions, including hands-on training and case studies, emphasizing the practical application of new medical technologies. Additionally, the conference will feature live demonstrations of thyroid ablation treatments on patients, providing a direct look at the techniques in practice.

The partnership aims to foster a deeper understanding among medical professionals of innovative treatment options, encouraging further research and adoption of less invasive procedures. It represents a step forward in the ongoing effort to improve healthcare outcomes through technological innovation and collaboration.


MedTech Asia is committed to advancing medical innovation and technology, featuring real cases and real patients.

The event bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The outcome of attending MedTech Asia — you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to offer thyroid ablation to your patients in place of surgery.

MedTech Asia is a force for the medical community; offering support, resources, and training to ensure the best possible patient outcomes and providing the tools necessary to adopt the latest medical innovations and technology.