MedTech Asia 2024 Partners with RFAMD for Media Production

MedTech Asia 2024 Partners with RFAMD for Media Production

MedTech Asia 2024, a leading conference in medical technology, has announced a partnership with RFAMD for media production at its upcoming event in Bangkok, Thailand. This collaboration brings together two prominent entities in the healthcare sector, combining MedTech Asia’s expansive platform with RFAMD’s specialized focus on thyroid health and treatment technologies.

RFAMD, known for helping patients avoid unnecessary thyroid surgery through advanced ablation techniques, will contribute its expertise in media production to enhance the conference experience. The partnership aims to provide comprehensive event coverage, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, and hands-on training sessions focusing on the latest developments in thyroid ablation treatments.

RFAMD’s involvement in MedTech Asia 2024 extends beyond media production. The organization will also play a role in highlighting patient stories and doctor testimonials, showcasing the real-world impact of medical technology on thyroid treatment. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to patient education and the promotion of minimally invasive treatment options.

The conference, scheduled for April 19th to 21st, 2024, in Bangkok, will feature a diverse lineup of experts in the medical technology field, including renowned doctors and researchers specializing in thyroid health. RFAMD’s contribution will ensure that the insights and advancements presented at MedTech Asia 2024 reach a wider audience, fostering greater awareness and understanding of the latest medical technologies.

Through this partnership, MedTech Asia 2024 and RFAMD aim to create a dynamic and informative event that will benefit medical professionals and patients alike, furthering the advancement of healthcare technology and its application in thyroid treatment.

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MedTech Asia is committed to advancing medical innovation and technology, featuring real cases and real patients.

The event bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. The outcome of attending MedTech Asia — you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to offer thyroid ablation to your patients in place of surgery.

MedTech Asia is a force for the medical community; offering support, resources, and training to ensure the best possible patient outcomes and providing the tools necessary to adopt the latest medical innovations and technology.