Dr. Yu Ming-An: Advancing Thyroid Ablation Techniques at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Featured at MedTech Asia

Dr. Yu Ming-An: Advancing Thyroid Ablation Techniques at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, Featured at MedTech Asia

MedTech Asia is proud to feature Dr. Yu Ming-An, a distinguished expert in thyroid ablation from the China-Japan Friendship Hospital, as a key speaker and trainer at our event.

His significant contributions to the field, particularly in microwave ablation (MWA) for thyroid conditions, have established him as a leader in minimally invasive endocrine treatments.


A Career Dedicated to Endocrine Innovation

Dr. Yu Ming-An has dedicated his career to advancing the field of endocrine surgery, with a special focus on thyroid health. His work in developing and refining microwave ablation techniques for thyroid conditions has been pivotal in offering patients innovative, less invasive treatment options.

Educational and Professional Background

Dr. Yu’s journey in medicine has been marked by a commitment to excellence and innovation. His affiliation with the prestigious China-Japan Friendship Hospital underscores his dedication to advancing medical practices in the field of endocrine surgery.

Expertise in Microwave Ablation

Dr. Yu is renowned for his expertise in microwave ablation, a technique that uses thermal energy to treat thyroid nodules. His research and clinical applications of MWA have significantly advanced the understanding and efficacy of this minimally invasive procedure.

Research and Clinical Contributions

Dr. Yu’s contributions to the field are evident in his numerous studies and publications. He has been actively involved in assessing the feasibility, safety, and effectiveness of MWA, particularly in patients with multifocal papillary thyroid microcarcinoma (PTMC).

At MedTech Asia

Dr. Yu’s participation in MedTech Asia brings his extensive knowledge and experience in thyroid ablation to a global audience. His sessions promise to provide valuable insights into the latest advancements and techniques in thyroid ablation.

Global Recognition and Impact

Dr. Yu’s work has not only impacted the field of thyroid treatment in China but has also gained international recognition. His innovative techniques and research have contributed to the global understanding of minimally invasive treatments for thyroid conditions.

Dr. Yu Ming-An’s involvement in MedTech Asia represents an extraordinary opportunity for attendees to learn from a leader in thyroid ablation techniques. His dedication to innovation, patient care, and minimally invasive approaches makes him a key figure in the medical community and a highlight of our event.

Introduction to MedTech Asia

Why MedTech Asia? More than just a thyroid ablation congress, MedTech Asia stands out by showcasing the world’s top thyroid ablation experts from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its highlight is the treatment of 20 Thai patients, who lack the means for such care, serving as a live demonstration platform for thyroid ablation techniques to conference attendees.

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