Dr. Juan Pablo Dueñas: A World-Leading Expert and Trainer in Thyroid Ablation, Featured at MedTech Asia

Dr. Juan Pablo Dueñas: A World-Leading Expert and Trainer in Thyroid Ablation, Featured at MedTech Asia

MedTech Asia is thrilled to feature Dr. Juan Pablo Dueñas, a preeminent figure in thyroid ablation, as a speaker and trainer at our upcoming event.

His reputation as one of the world’s top experts and educators in this field makes his participation a highlight of the conference.


A Journey of Excellence

Dr. Dueñas’ medical career is a testament to his dedication to excellence and innovation in endocrine surgery. With over a decade of experience, he has emerged as a key influencer in the development of thyroid ablation techniques. His approach goes beyond surgical expertise, focusing also on compassionate patient care, earning him widespread admiration and respect.

Educational Background and Professional Achievements

Dr. Dueñas, an alumnus of CES University with advanced training from the University Hospital of the Sea, has devoted his professional life to the field of endocrine surgery. His notable achievements include being a Fellow of the European Board of Surgery in the Endocrine Surgery Division and memberships in prestigious surgical societies. His research and scholarly publications have significantly advanced the field of thyroid ablation.

A Trainer Par Excellence

At MedTech Asia, attendees will benefit not only from Dr. Dueñas’ insightful lectures but also from his hands-on training sessions. His ability to merge theoretical knowledge with practical application makes his workshops highly sought after by medical professionals at all career stages.

Personal Insights and Patient Care

Dr. Dueñas’ personal experience as a Type 1 diabetic infuses his professional work with a deep sense of empathy and understanding. This personal connection to endocrine health challenges enhances his approach to patient care, making him a physician who not only treats but deeply empathizes with his patients.

A Vision for the Future

Beyond his surgical achievements, Dr. Dueñas is a proponent of patient education and empowerment. He believes that well-informed patients are better equipped to make decisions about their health. His involvement in MedTech Asia underscores his commitment to advancing medical technology and enhancing patient outcomes worldwide.

The participation of Dr. Juan Pablo Dueñas at MedTech Asia is not just an opportunity for learning; it’s an occasion for inspiration. His unwavering commitment to his profession, his patients, and his role as an educator makes him an invaluable asset to the medical community. We eagerly anticipate the expertise and insights he will share, enriching our event and the broader medical landscape.

Introduction to MedTech Asia

Why MedTech Asia? More than just a thyroid ablation congress, MedTech Asia stands out by showcasing the world’s top thyroid ablation experts from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Its highlight is the treatment of 20 Thai patients, who lack the means for such care, serving as a live demonstration platform for thyroid ablation techniques to conference attendees.

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